mercredi 20 octobre 2010

I translate and explain one post for my friends which are not frenchspeakers. I wish Divers boycott Malta as a diving trip.
Surely you can see wonderfull wrecks. Surely you can see marine life on those spots.
And, most incredible you can dive in fattenings Bluefin farms. Indeed it could be your best chance to see this amazing fish alive because it is endangered (oh no, that's true, the Japanese-bougth Cites said it is not, I'm sorry). However, endangered or not it remains very few bluefish free in mediterranean sea. Si go in the farm! Ok they may be a ecological disaster but who cares? Have you ever dove with 150 000 $ fishes (each). It should be an exciting dive, shouln't? THose so-called farme are no more than jails and I can't understand a diver (which is supposed to love marine life) enjoying suhch a disastrous thing.

By the way, if the tourism in Malta is decreasing, maybe they will understand something. I agree that the chances are little but... Who konws...

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